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пятница, 2 июня 2017 г.

June 1, 2017, in Ukraine, city Kremenchuk an exhibition MailArt

Kurator Vito Katorgi. Exhibition of Collection Vito Katorgi which he collected for 13 years. It has nearly 100 works of different authors from different countries.
The authors are present at the exhibition:
Remy Penard, Pascal Lenoir, Moreno Menarin, Anna Boshi, Keiichi Nacamura, Rysosuke Cohen, and many others.

MailArt My collection began in 2004 when an exhibition in London in April on a ship in the center of London, HMS president of the Royal Armed Forces Great Brytaniyi.todi I realized that we were taught how to draw the institute had, I must invention, as Einstein discovered the theory of relations. so I started looking for new forms and techiyi.Tak I met with the current world MailArt.Mystetstvo poshtoyu.Stav interact with artists in the world of letters and postcards for 13 years I have had such kolektsiya.Takozh I had many exhibitions in various countries of the world da exhibited in my handmade cards, collages, post marky.I I still communicating with these artists.